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Welcome to Mumbai Refrigeration. We are Blue Star Dealers for all refrigeration products including water cooler, deep freezer, glass top freezers, water dispenser, bottle coolers, milk cooler, visi cooler and ice cube machine. We also deal in Cold Room.


Water coolers mainly have application in schools, colleges, offices and other corporate establishments. Wherever the consumption of water is high, you should use a water cooler. What matters most in Water coolers is that they should be durable and should have a powerful and rugged compressor. Furthermore they should also be capable of working in a warm atmosphere.

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The blue star deep freezer keep food fresh longer which lasts longer too. The blue star deep freezers are bought by major hotels and ice cream manufacturers. Along with this, the deep freezers are also used in pharmaceuticals for storage as well as by distributors and OEM’s. Deep freezers come in use mainly for food storage. The blue star deep freezer uses state of the art technology to preserve food over a long period of time. It also has an amazing distribution network along with efficient after sales service.

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Water dispensers are used for small offices with 15–20 employees. Above that, we strongly recommend that you use our stainless steel water coolers. The water dispenser comes with Hot and Cold taps. The hot tap gives water up to 60 degrees which can be used for making tea and coffee as well as for miscellaneous use. The cold tap on the other hand gives water up to 12 degrees.

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The blue star bottle cooler is mainly used to store bottles between a temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees. In India, Soft drinks and other beverages arrive at a temperature of 35 degrees. Our customers have to give service to customer within a few hours. Thus, they need a machine which can pull down the temperature of bottles from 35 degrees to 8 degrees as early as possible.

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The milk cooler is specialized in the storage of Milk and milk based products. A milk cooler is perfect for a grocery store, a kirana store or a dairy depot. Generally, these products are also stored in deep freezers for faster cooling. However a deep freezer can freeze the products thereby damaging your goods. On the other hand continuously adjusting the temperatures in a deep freezer to maintain chilling temperatures affects the life of the machine as well.

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Visi cooler falls under the HORECA segment. With the rise in the HORECA segment (Hotels, restaurants and cafeterias) the need for display products too has risen. The blue star visi cooler is one such display product. Perfect for display and perfect for cooling, the blue star visi cooler ensures that it keeps your drinks at the right temperature and also showcases it in the best manner.

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