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Many of our residential as well as small business customers prefer the 100 liter deep freezer. The 100 liter deep freezer is compact with the dimensions being 616mm width, 504mm depth and height is 830. The inner tank is made up of embossed aluminum. The weight is only 33 kgs and it also comes with 4 wheels for easier movement of the deep freezer. This freezer can fit easily in a small place and is good for a small shop or kitchen for storage.

The 100 liter deep freezer has a single door. The freezer is meant to store pre cooled items. It is not meant for pull down of temperature. Thus, it is preferable that if you are keeping non veg food, or anything which is hot / warm, then the material needs to be kept in ice for some time before it is kept in the freezer.

If you need a 100 liter deep freezer than please feel free to email us or call us at the given number.

The salient features of 100 liter deep freezer are as follows.
Gross capacity – 108 liters
Net Capacity – 100 liters
Temperature – (-18 degrees)
No of Lids – 1
No of Baskets – 1
Dimensions in mm – 616 x 504 x 830
Energy consumption – 1.3 units / 24 hours.

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