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Choosing a deep freezer depends on the application. If you have material which needs to be displayed (Frozen foods, Ice creams etc) than you would be better off with the glass top deep freezer. Whereas, if the material is not for display and is mainly for storage, then chest freezers can be used.

The hard top chest freezers are available from 100 litres upto 500 litres. They are known as CHF 100, CHF 150, CHF 200, CHF 300, CHF 425 and CHF 500. In Blue Star, Deep freezers from CHF 100 to CHF 300 are China make whereas CHF 425 and CHF 500 are Indian make.

The glass top deep freezers on the other hand are used mainly for display products such as Chicken or Ice cream. Blue Star supplies deep freezers to major ice cream manufacturers as well as major chicken distributors. The glass top deep freezers are available in 220 litres, 320 litres and 420 litres and are known as GT 220, GT 320 and GT 425.

Thus depending on your preference, you can choose the type of deep freezer you want.

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